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Naxian Fish Spa


For some years the fish spa has started to be widely used by nail salons and spas around the world, particularly in combination with pedicure services and body peeling. The value of it was first seen by the Japanese and the Chinese people, from where it was passed on quickly to the countries of the south east Asia. This trend is now active in the United States and Europe, particularly Paris, London and Berlin. During the course of treatment, clients have to dip their feet, hands or even their entire body in a glass aquarium or a small pool with warm water (30-36C). There swarms of small fish of Garra rufa kind, also known as "fish doctors", undertake the task to clean the skin from dead cells and remove the old outer peel of the skin. Those who have tried it are talking about incredible experience, which does not hurt at all, since all one feels is small sucking, like little kisses.

This alternative pedicure technique is much safer and natural since its not requiring razors or chemical methods, and the fish are able to clean even the most difficult to reach areas. This species of fish has no teeth so they can do no harm. All the used and hard areas of damaged skin are removed completely and with surgical precision, leaving the soft healthy new skin to grow and spread. The resurface of the harassed hard skin and bunions is slowed significantly compared with the other conventional methods. To achieve this result, a very important part is believed to be the diathanol enzyme which is found in fish saliva.

There is considerable scientific evidence that this enzyme helps the spread of healthy skin by stopping for a period of time the rapid cell division of the skin which is responsible for the creation of tough areas. At the same time the pores open, exfoliation occurs and a skin massage that stimulates blood circulation and removes the tiredness and stress is performed with very beneficial results. The customers emerge relaxed after the therapy, with their skin now incredibly soft, refreshed, healthy and shiny! The theme of the hygiene is a point that may be causing concern to many, but the system of fish spa is traditionally very effective in fighting disease and by its nature it prevents transmission. Combined with the latest technology in sterilization of water systems and hygiene rules that all nail salons are abided to such matters are eliminated completely.

More specifically: On standard equipment, the water passes through active carbon filters, biochemical resins purification and UV-C so as to fully sterilize 24 hours a day. For extra security, the fish once a day stay for a while in a special powerful antiseptic solution. Human diseases (skin or other) cannot pass on to or survive on fish, since they are completely different organisms. The fish originate from certified reproducers with health and authenticity certificates within the European Union.

If you enjoy taking care of your skin, then you know that exfoliation is key to any form of skin rejuvenation service. The fish spa method allows you to remove completely, with mild and mostly natural way the damaged outer layer of the skin, revealing and promoting development and encouraging the development of new healthy skin.


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